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Sports Medicine opened in October 2001 and has been growing for the past 12 years. There are presently 5 locations with plans to add more. Owned and operated by a physical therapist, Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is known as the leader of Rehabilitation on the Treasure Coast. Many healthcare providers attempt to manage a physical therapy practice as an added feature to their specialty. Unlike those providers, the specialty of Premier is Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

Physical Therapists and owner, Jeffrey Tucker has spent the last 18 years on the Treasure Coast operating physical therapy clinics. He has managed a local hospitals rehabilitation center, opened clinics for orthopedic groups, and assisted several people opening outpatient clinics that are still present today on the Treasure Coast. During this time, he learned that the best results came from caring, calming atmospheres where every detail was dedicated to patient success and positive outcomes. Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine was born in 2001 out of the ambition to create a convenient, patient-focused physical therapy option for Treasure Coast residents.

Our caring staff of industry-trusted physical therapists has more years of combined experience than any other provider of therapy on the Treasure Coast, a level of excellence that most companies simply cannot match. Our wide range of services includes sports medicine, musculoskeletal injuries, automobile injuries, spinal pain, orthopedic therapies, osteoarthritis, anodyne therapy, vestibular rehabilitation and more. Even if physical therapy is not right for you, we will be happy to assist you in determining and finding the best care available.

With five locations on Florida's Treasure Coast, we are proud to offer the most convenient physical therapy services for Stuart, Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie West, Jensen Beach and Fort Pierce residents.  Our extensive local reputation and major insurance contracts make Premier Physical Therapy the number one choice for personalized in-network physical therapy and rehabilitation.

We look forward to helping you achieve a speedy and successful recovery.


Common Questions/ Myths about Physical Therapy


1. Do I need a physician referral?

Florida law allows for physical therapists to evaluate and treat patients without an immediate referral. However, there may be some insurance denials without a referral. We advise our patients to obtain a referral, but in some cases it may not be necessary. Feel free to call our office and we can direct you. We can even provide you the names of quality physicians should you not already be established with on.

2. Will my insurance cover therapy?

Typically the answer is yes. At Premier we have some very good advice when it comes to this. First, we never ask a provider if they "accept" your insurance. "Accepting" simply means the provider takes your plan. It does not mean they are in-network. It will cost you in some cases a much larger amount of money if you go to a therapy provider that "accepts" your insurance than one that is "in network". So always ask the provider "Are you in my network?".

Secondly, if you are not sure if therapy is covered simply call our office. Our pleasant staff will make all the necessary calls to assure we provide you proper benefits before your first appointment.

3. Is Physical Therapy and Chiropractor the same?

The answer is absolutely not. The approach and philosophy is quite different in most cases. Physical Therapy should only be performed by an individual trained specifically in the field of physical theapy which would only be a licensed physical therapist. Many healthcare providers today are trying to incorporate physical therapy in heir practice. Patients often ask if there is a difference. Our response is typically "Would you take a Ford to a Chevrolet dealership for repairs? Of course not. If you need physical therapy, you should only go to a physical therapist. Who understands physical therapy better than a facility owned and operated by a licensed physical therapist?

4. Are all Physical Therapy facilities the same?

This question we hear a great deal and the answer is absolutely not. We often see patients that have had some physical therapy in the past. In some cases it was not even performed by a licensed therapist which in the state State of Florida is illegal. In other cases it may have been performed in a healthcare office that simply was doing therapy as an added service. In some cases the results were not desirable. In our practice we are experts as our name implies, in physical therapy and sports medicine. That is our specialty. It is not a secondary or added service.

5. Why choose Premier Physical Therapy?

As mentioned on our home page, the owner of Premier has opened new facilities for Orthopedic groups, grew a hospital department by over 400% and even assisted other local therapists in their goals to open a physical therapy clinic. He has been asked by numerous other healthcare professionals such as physicans, chiropractors and other therapists on advice on running a practice of physical therapy. If the community is turning to Premier for their expertise, shouldn't you? We have the largest number of outpatient therapists of any private practice or physician group. That allows for more access to expertise, diversity and knowledge base. We have been chosen as the provider of all athletic coverage for Indian River State College. We are a provider for more insurance plans on the Treasure Coast than any other outpatient provider. We offer free transportation to those that qualify. We have Saturday hours, free consultations and late day appointments. There is no comparison, period.